Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Salvia plebeian or “kamarkas” according to its Indian name, which is known and used widely right from the ancient times. It has its description and usage in ayurveda and thus is an excellent herb. It is useful in curing a lot of ailments. This plant is useful as refreshment and sterile for promoting urination and is useful in thread worm infections. 

1. It flowers, bark and gum are astringent. Seed is curative. Leaves alleviate pain and swelling. In retention of urine, warm flowers and leaves are tied over umbilicus and lower abdomen.
2. Decoction of the It bark is used for washing wounds, piles and vaginal discharges.
3. Paste of It seeds is useful in skin disorders, edema and eye disease. Oil is used for massage in rheumatism.
4. It is an appetizer, astringent and liver stimulant.
5. It flowers are antidipsetic; gum is an antacid and astringent. It Kshara is a good laxative.
6. It bark decoction is useful in anorexia, sprue and hemorrhoids.
7. Flowers are useful in dyspepsia and diarrhea.
8. It seed powder if given in a dose of 1 to 3 gram every morning and evening for 3 consecutive days and castor oil on the 4th day acts as vermicidal for round worms –ascaris lumbricoidis. Kshara prepared from the small tree of It is useful in ascites, digestive disturbance and pain.
9. It Kshara is effective in haemoptysis.
10.It bark decoction is effective in fever and cold.
11.It flowers are diuretic, hence useful in dysuria.
12.Steamed It flowers are tied over lower abdomen in retention of urine.
13.Decoction of It flowers is useful in vaginal discharges.
14.Palash flowers powder should be taken as a supplement to maintain the healthy bones. It prevents the age related changes in bones like osteoporosis.
15.Palash Flowers powder is also recommended in excessive menstrual bleeding and white discharge. 

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